Research Study Summary
Title: Development of Colorectal Cancer Primary Tumor Xenografts and Tissue Cultures for Preclinical Trials
  Patients eligible to participate in this study will be asked to consider a research consent form which includes the following information:
Purpose of This Research Study:

You have been asked to participate in this research study because you have a colon or rectal cancer, are 18 years of age or older,  and will undergo an elective surgical removal of your colon or rectal cancer. The purpose of this research study is to: 1) collect resected (removed) colon or rectal cancer tissue (or tissues that were removed by surgery); 2) grow them in mice and in tissue culture; and 3)  make these tumors and cultures available to researchers at City of Hope for future research studies. Your participation on this study is expected to last until the tissue is collected.     


Colorectal cancer continues to be the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. It has become increasingly clear that colorectal cancer comprises a molecularly heterogeneous (or widely varying) group of cancers with different prognoses and variable responses to different treatments. In order to study different forms of colorectal cancers and how to treat them, there is a need to develop colorectal cancer tumor xenografts (tumors derived from colorectal cancer patients and grown in mice).


Recent data suggest that primary colorectal xenografts maintain most of the characteristics of the original tumor and represent an excellent model to study different treatments in the laboratory.  The availability of primary colorectal cancer xenografts will provide an invaluable resource for the pre-clinical testing (testing that takes place before any testing in humans is done) of chemotherapy and targeted drugs in colorectal cancer. Furthermore, the development of a colorectal cancer cell line (cancer cells that keep dividing and growing) resource from patient tumors could be a potential resource for future laboratory studies, including the evaluation of chemotherapy, targeted agents, and immune therapies (therapy to help the body fight cancer).

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